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Quartz bangers have really come a long way. Our latest nail, the Opaque Seamless is a nod to all the advances we’ve made over the last few years. This nail combines so many perks in one, that it’s easily become a favorite.

No-weld design:
We took all the cues from our classic Seamless Quartz Flat Top and added something extra.

Opaque bottom:
Everyone needs an opaque nail in their personal inventory. This add-on allows you to cut down on heat up time, and even sneak another dab in before having to grab the torch again.

Temp tips:
Keep the opaque bottom in mind when heating this nail. The porous material holds on to heat, so give it plenty of time to cool. Keep the flame focused underneath the bottom of the banger for 30 seconds, and let it cool for 45 seconds before taking a dab.

Available in all sizes:
We offer this style in 10, 14, and 19mm – both male and female joints.

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