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Before Consuming Protox

  • Give yourself a full two days for preparation without toxins, including all unnecessary medications, alcohol and nicotine.
  • During your days of preparation stay hydrated by consuming plenty of water and brewed green tea.
  • We recommend a high fiber diet in the days leading up to a cleansing deadline.
  • Remember days that you introduce toxins into you system do not count as days of preparation. We also do not include the day of consumption.

Day of Consumption

  • Two to Three hours before consuming Protox eat a meal consisting of oatmeal or a high fiber cereal.
  • Avoid acidic drinks or food. (i.e. coffee, cranberry juice)
  • Over the hour before consumption drink three 8 oz glasses of water.
  • Two hours before your cleansing deadline shake the bottle and drink contents.
  • After 15 minutes fill the bottle back up with water and drink that.
  • Urinate Often


  • As a dietary supplement

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