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Getting your CBD dose and treating your sweet tooth? Sounds like a product we’d want to propose to. If you’re ready to make a commitment to a lifetime of love (or maybe just a few hours of sweet, sweet release), then check out Grön’s hemp-infused CBD chocolate sauce.

Made from in-house chocolatiers (you read that right: chocolatiers), this sweet sauce combines high-quality cocoa powder, sugar, and organic hemp extract to create a delicious way to get your CBD dose. Drizzle it on some strawberries, on top of some ice cream, or just straight up take a spoonful from the jar — we won’t judge. 

Also, did we mention it’s vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free, THC free, Fair Trade Certified AND organic? This is “take home to meet mom & dad” material. Grab your Grön CBD Chocolate Sauce now, and never look back to those squeezable chocolate sauces in the grocery store.

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